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    I love every other feature on the list, but the zombies. This has the potential to be a great and unique game. Please don't ruin it with more zombies. 

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    I think Zombies aren't necessarily a bad thing.

    You need an evil to fight against or its not an RPG imo. I know there are pvp and pve rulesets for servers that will help delineate some content but I am really hoping a heavy portion of this game relies on the RPG aspects. Because we do have way to many pvp survival games as well!

    If you consider - And I'm not gonna name other games here, but one game (that is now two games  ;)) started out as an atmospheric zombie survival game. It was successor to the biggest indie zombie game. What was setting it apart was the RPG/Atmospheric elements along with building and some simulation gameplay. Then stuff happened and they went away from that to rush more of the pvp-centric game. It suffered hugely. I still think it could have been incredible if they stayed the course. 

    So to open this topic, do you think an RPG needs an evil force to fight against?  What do you think you can replace the Zombies with?

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    It would be possible to disable certain NPC's or NPC groups, which means we *could* add that option to the realm settings. But I have to agree with @massivelyindie , it may get quite boring if you fight the standard wildlife/bandits NPC's day for day. The zombie/plague system is meant to have some room for a difficulty increase and variety, e.g. by adding boss/elite-types of enemies.

    I suggest to wait for the first few gameplay videos before you ditch your interest. :) 

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    I think it would awesome to have have creatures from real Western and Native American lore such as the Si-Te-Cah (The Red Headed Giant Cannibals), Sasquatch (Bigfoot), Teihiihan (Cannibal Dwarves), etc. I think these could be implemented much the same way as the Zombies, but have some actual Western lore behind them.


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    I'm really surprised that you know them. :) They are rather unpopular (except bigfoot), I don't want to go into too much detail to avoid any spoilers, but that's exactly what you can expect from our boss-tier.

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