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  1. gotstyle

    Pump Action Shotgun

    Today we completed our shotgun-set (at least until the upcoming alpha) with the Pump Action Shotgun, which is also the most versatile one because of its fast reload speed.
  2. gotstyle

    Lever Action Shotgun

    We continue our weapon series with the Lever Action Shotgun. Do you remember the famous movie in which this shotgun was shown? 🤖
  3. gotstyle

    Lemat Revolver

    Today we introduce the LeMat Revolver. This beauty is our first 9-shot cylinder Revolver which will be a good choice for intensive short range fights vs. multiple targets.
  4. gotstyle

    Mauser Pistol

    We've added our first pistol today, the Mauser. Pistols will generally do less damage than Revolvers but their true potential lies in their fire-rate.
  5. gotstyle

    Cattleman Revolver

    Today we've implemented one of the most popular revolver of the old west, the Cattleman Revolver, also known as Peacemaker (Colt Single Action Army).
  6. gotstyle

    Crafting Progress

    Our UI/UX team made some progress on the crafting tab! ?
  7. gotstyle


    The Sledgehammer is a multi-purpose tool with which you can destroy placed items. It can also be used as a melee weapon, even if it is a bit slow, but sufficient enough to crack some skulls. ??
  8. gotstyle


    Another sneak peek from our environment artists. ?️
  9. gotstyle

    UI Prototype

    Today we've finished our UI prototype. Next step will be to replace all the basic shapes with more sophisticated old-west themed graphics.
  10. gotstyle

    Deer Trophy

    Every home needs some cozy interior. Craft your own furniture and show off the loot from your last hunt, your visitors will be jealous.
  11. gotstyle


    We're currently working on particles for our campfire, do you notice the small but important details?
  12. gotstyle


    Weapon of the Day: 1866 Derringer
  13. gotstyle

    Coffee Mill

    Grow your coffee plants, grind the beans and brew your own good coffee to get your morning fix of caffeine. ☕
  14. gotstyle

    Water Tank

    To take advantage of our dynamic weather system it's important to max out all possible ways to gather water. One way is to build water towers to collect water from rainy days. ?️
  15. gotstyle


    An oven is a more permanent alternative to campfires, as it's burn time is much longer. If you cook often, it's wise to craft one. ?
  16. gotstyle

    Bull Mask

    Have you ever tried to make friends with a bull? Maybe this mask can help you.
  17. gotstyle


    A new mixture from our snake-oil salesman, you should not taste it this time! ☠️
  18. gotstyle


    Several weird masks can be found in DMC, which you can equip on your character. Some of them will grant you special buffs. ??
  19. gotstyle


    Different kind of melee weapons and tools can be crafted with gathered resources. This hatchet only requires some wood and ores. Using more valuable ores will directly result in a better durability and a different look of the item.
  20. gotstyle


    This is our backpack model which we use as generic visualization for items that are not suitable to show as loot/drop (e.g. clothing).
  21. gotstyle

    Bear Trap

    It's a trap!
  22. gotstyle


    We bring back the good old gold rush days. Different kind of ores are spawned in each area, find the rarest ones!
  23. gotstyle


    In DMC crops usually grow in multiple states. To reach the final state, you need to water the plant, otherwise it will wither and result in a bad harvest. For a better user experience, an icon will indicate which plants need water.
  24. gotstyle

    Revolver Shot

    WIP of our revolver muzzle flash. What do you think?
  25. gotstyle

    Canyon Wall

    Some of the walls we're working on for our canyon area. You shouldn't fear heights if you plan a visit!

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