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  1. gotstyle


    Tick-tock, ticktock. 🕰️ All player worlds are time-synchronized which also has an effect on different areas.
  2. gotstyle


    Some NPCs wear really strange masks, even though they can hardly breathe. But can you blame them? They just look stunning! 👹
  3. gotstyle


    Like water towers, windmills can also play a significant role in gathering water. 💧
  4. gotstyle


    With the all new Spyglass you'll be able to spot your enemies over great distances without them hearing you. 🔍
  5. gotstyle

    Bow Rigged & Animated with Sound

    Our bow, rigged & animated with sound 🙂
  6. gotstyle

    Loot Effect

    Looting items got some eye candy! 🍬
  7. gotstyle


    Today we have added our first bow! Although it is one of the early-tier weapons, it will be a useful tool for hunting, especially if you want to go quietly. 🏹🐗
  8. gotstyle


    Wind, contact shadows, volumetric lighting, reflection probes & pbr foliage added/updated! We dig deep in our toolbox to create an authentic nature. 🌬️🍃
  9. gotstyle


    Achievements may include special titles, emotes, or items as a reward. Some of them can be decorations, they have no function, but they look damn good in any home. 🐓
  10. gotstyle

    Global Wetness Demo

    The different types of weather in Dead Man's Country affect the whole environment to induce an immersive experience.
  11. gotstyle

    UI Loot Grouping

    Our UI designers are currently working on a loot grouping feature. Looks neat!
  12. gotstyle

    Progress Report #2

    Thank you, that's nice to hear. In the last few weeks we have made great progress in development. Soon we'll be launching a series of videos in which we'll take a closer look at the development of DMC. Our goal is to involve the entire community in the development of the game.
  13. gotstyle

    Walker Revolver

    With the Walker Revolver we've completed our revolver-set for our upcoming Alpha. We are happy to be able to offer you a wide range of weapons right from the start of Dead Man's Country. The Walker revolvers were introduced during the Mexican War, and were a major breakthrough for repeating firearms.
  14. gotstyle

    Outlaw Revolver

    The first new weapon we introduce in 2019 is the Outlaw Revolver. Frank James (the older brother of Jesse James) used a similar model for the most time of his outlaw "career". 😉
  15. gotstyle

    Pump Action Shotgun

    Today we completed our shotgun-set (at least until the upcoming alpha) with the Pump Action Shotgun, which is also the most versatile one because of its fast reload speed.

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