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  1. massivelyindie

    Beta Test.

    Awesome! Looking forward to supporting this!
  2. massivelyindie

    Progress Report #1

    Thanks for posting this! Its great to see all your hard work compiled in a post! Cant wait for another one!!
  3. massivelyindie

    Still HYPED!!

    I know things have gone a bit quieter since the initial reveal of DMC but I just want to let you devs know I am still HYPED! Hope your days are productive and can't wait to see some more in game footage!
  4. massivelyindie

    Building System

    Any chance you can explain a bit about the building system? Looks like we start off with a structure then upgrade it to a cabin? Will there be more than one model and different sizes? How are building areas delineated? Is it free build in your realm? Can't for Dev Blog #1
  5. massivelyindie

    Building System

    Sounds great! Look forward to seeing what the structures and assets look like
  6. massivelyindie

    Alphabet Song Game

    Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
  7. I know! I'm so intrigued about hunting and fishing in this setting. A rich pristine environment full of plagued bunnies and squirrels. Imagine setting traps (hopefully you can) and you trap an infected animal...How's it play out? Do you just leave It? Lose your trap? Or do you kill it and run the risk if maybe infection when removing it....or maybe another animal sees the trap, eats the infected bunny and now there is a hyper aggressive infected wolf lurking near
  8. massivelyindie

    Zombies and the Plague

    Awesome Lowfyr. I'm glad to hear that there is going to be some depth and a story line to follow.
  9. massivelyindie

    Zombies and the Plague

    Hi, I was wondering if you have any lore to accompany the zombies and the plague? The reason I ask this is because one of the issues people will find immediately is with the zombies. Many games use the addition of zombies as a cheap way to create some content and usually the results are undesirable. In my opinion its because they just toss them in there.... "...oh ya and there are zombies. A mysterious plague cause it and be careful to not get bit!" - end Especially now with such a large surplus of zombie games, the time spent on lore isn't wasted. I think if players have a reason why they are fighting zombies helps. A solid reason for the state of the world is needed and something that severely lacks in survival games imo. Maybe this is something that you have planned and its discovered in an unfolding story or event. Its definitely something I am interested in. I do hope there are some interesting hooks at the start though! Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  10. Agreed Keller, I think this is a key ingredient in the genre that you see some games today having to totally backtrack on. Getting it close to what the community wants is a good step. I voted the same. However now I am wishing I could vote for more than one! Maybe the devs are planning to have a poll every time before their Dev blogs
  11. massivelyindie

    How big is the world?

    Okay great! Make sense. I know itll be a topic so good to know!
  12. massivelyindie

    How big is the world?

    Hi I noticed we all can create our own worlds. How big are they going to be?
  13. massivelyindie

    Female Character Creation?

    Whats the status on Female character models? I don't see them on the trello.
  14. massivelyindie


    I think Zombies aren't necessarily a bad thing. You need an evil to fight against or its not an RPG imo. I know there are pvp and pve rulesets for servers that will help delineate some content but I am really hoping a heavy portion of this game relies on the RPG aspects. Because we do have way to many pvp survival games as well! If you consider - And I'm not gonna name other games here, but one game (that is now two games ) started out as an atmospheric zombie survival game. It was successor to the biggest indie zombie game. What was setting it apart was the RPG/Atmospheric elements along with building and some simulation gameplay. Then stuff happened and they went away from that to rush more of the pvp-centric game. It suffered hugely. I still think it could have been incredible if they stayed the course. So to open this topic, do you think an RPG needs an evil force to fight against? What do you think you can replace the Zombies with?
  15. Hi just reading over the Trello and thought about the Melee section. I noticed from the webpage you posted a Tomahawk. Can we expect more indigenous weaponry from that era with the same art style? Spears, Clubs, etc. Also I see there are plenty of guns posted. Will there be bows?
  16. massivelyindie

    Coffee bar

  17. Will there be an EA? Will it release on Steam?
  18. massivelyindie

    Whats up?

    Hi guys! Yep count me in with this game

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