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    Long time no see everyone, Corona gave us some headache, but we're doing well so far. Today we present you a little gadget which will be essential for some of our dungeons, at least for those of you who do not want to be left in the dark. 👷💡
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    We're currently testing some new cliffs for our forest map. The global illumination and volumetric light looks awesome here! 👁️🍬
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    Our latest addition to our armory, the Schofield Revolver! Due to its break-open design, it was an ideal weapon for mounted soldiers in the U.S. 🏇
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    Some NPCs wear really strange masks, even though they can hardly breathe. But can you blame them? They just look stunning! 👹
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    Like water towers, windmills can also play a significant role in gathering water. 💧
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    With the all new Spyglass you'll be able to spot your enemies over great distances without them hearing you. 🔍
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    Our bow, rigged & animated with sound 🙂
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    Looting items got some eye candy! 🍬
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    Today we have added our first bow! Although it is one of the early-tier weapons, it will be a useful tool for hunting, especially if you want to go quietly. 🏹🐗
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    Wind, contact shadows, volumetric lighting, reflection probes & pbr foliage added/updated! We dig deep in our toolbox to create an authentic nature. 🌬️🍃
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    Achievements may include special titles, emotes, or items as a reward. Some of them can be decorations, they have no function, but they look damn good in any home. 🐓

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