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    Dear Community, we thought it's a good idea to release a little sum-up of what we've worked on the last few weeks, the list also includes 'behind the scenes' stuff which we haven't covered on our site yet, hopefully this gives you guys a good update on our progress. Engine: Our first prototype has been updated to Unity's 2017.4 LTS (Long Term Stability), which we plan to use for our first release. This version is guaranteed to receive bugfixes without major changes which could break backward compatibility. This version has also been the most stable one for us so far. Terrain: Progress is looking good, we also had some major workflow improvements. Networking: All player movements are now double-checked by the server instance (authoritative movement) to address teleport- and no-clip hacks. Networking: Interpolation added. Networking: Dead reckoning added. Networking: Lag compensation is still being worked on. Combat: Damage drop off for range weapons is now properly calculated. Character: Improved character controller handling on slopes. Character: Weapon handling has been optimized when activating/deactivating them. Animations: Workflow improved for animation retargeting (especially for motion captured ones). Weapons: 1866 Yellowboy Rifle added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/979384778855247873). Weapons: 1861 Navy Conversion Revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/979747245422776320). Weapons: 1860 Double Barrel Shotgun added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/980102521426497536). Weapons: 1874 Sharps Rifle added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/981503473819713538). Weapons: Tomahawk added, melee combat still needs some love though (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/983724748076208128). Weapons: 1858 New Model Army Revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/988703525369733120). Weapons: Sticky bomb added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/992008560912601088). Shader: Various post-processing stack improvements. Shader: New ambient occlusion modes added (MSVO and SAO). Shader: Our character skin shader is almost finished (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/980909856361275392). Shader: We've implemented a motion blur shader which relies on the moving object instead of the player's camera (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/984723884367892480 ). Shader: Volumetric lighting improved. UI: There is some good progress on our UI, nothing to show yet, but we posted an early mockup from some months ago (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/981153951218270209). Environment: We finished our grass shader with physically based shading support (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/981917793812697090). Environment: Our grass shader also supports touch bending now (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/983345950042345473). Environment: Mesh blending has been added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/982299162569035777). Environment: New canyon walls (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/993926569491140609). Props: We continuously working on adding new props (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/982702739250733056, https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/984137263062937611, https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/990934430691790848). Placements: A new feature has been added which removes all kind of foliage for dynamic placements. (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/985960044469587970). Equipment: Tribal mask added (head item, https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/987298912259248128). Particles: We improved our particles in regards to lighting (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/989497266582052865). Particles: Worked on our revolver muzzle flash (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/995994191510605825). Farming: We made great progress on our crop/tree grow system, which is also fully server-synced and runs with almost no performance cost (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/997478138169970688). Environment: Our ore spawning algorithm got some love (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/999247022539583488). API: A device token has been added, which will later be used as a parameter to identify account hacks. Forum: News & Announcements module added (you are here!). Please note that the list is in no particular order and doesn't include bugfixes, the later will be listed with the start of the alpha on a separate release-/changelog page.
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    Dear Community, Once again it's time for a little progress report to bring you all up to date. Attentive followers among you have probably already noticed one or the other update through our social channels, for the sake of completeness we list these again in today's report. Feature: All items defined as water tanks are now filled with water when it rains. Items: Sledge hammer added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1049267695298994176). Weapons: Revolver set completed. Chat: Changing chat channels is now possible via TAB. Character: Slides on slopes added. UI: The crafting menu prototype is almost finished (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1054332908205457414). Weapons: Mauser pistol added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1059449125975048192). UI: Filter functionality of item types completed. Code: Handling of container items has been optimized. Code: Language support for UI elements completed. NPCs: Collider optimized. Weapons: Toxic mixture added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1013799929553276930). Items: Campfire added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1034092597977997312). Camera: Controller finalized. Animations: Improved animation transitions. Weapons: Cattleman revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1056902695573970944). Items: Coffee grinder added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1023884635498012672). Code: Auto Equip and Hotbar logic optimized. Code: Hit detection & Hitbox logic completed. UI: Container search implemented. Equipment: Bull mask added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1016293976301821952). Weapons: Pump action shotgun added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1072102390214615040). Feature: Suicide command added. Camera: Free look mode implemented. Items: Water tank added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1021376260696571904). Weapons: Walker revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1087334855912968195). Items: Deer skull trophy added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1036597226481565696). Items: Backpack added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1006150713205051392). Weapons: Outlaw revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1082256153252450304). Weapons: Lever action shotgun added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1067077131669250049). Chat: Autocomplete for whispering added. UI: Hotbar tooltips added. Terrain: The baselayer has been completely finished and work on the foliage & props is now in progress. (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1043120771227365376, https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1046822129398927360) Feature: Plants can now be fertilized. Engine: Unity updated to the latest LTS release. Weapons: Lefaucheux revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1031495045910855681). Items: Bear trap added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1003941773415272448). Post-Processing: We have matched our Color Grading and Tone Mapper to achieve a more cinematic look. Lighting: Realtime Global Illumination added. Camera: It is now possible to set the horizontal Field of View. Weapons: Lemat revolver added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1061973066505428992). Lighting: Indirect Lighting added. Code: Error notifications optimized. Character: Crouching implemented (Client/Server, Hitbox rescaling). Weapons: 1866 Derringer added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1026434892538802176). UI: Added durability indicator for items. Weapons: Hatchet added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1008688852188491776). Weapons: Pepperbox added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1029059611683442688). Character: Airborne movement while jumping added. UI: Dropdown added to change character title. Character: Various IK improvements (footplacement, aiming). Gameplay: Key E has been reserved exclusively looting, all other interactions can be performed with F, G, H, .... Equipment: Deer skull added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1039099161252118529). Code: Language support optimized for weapon types and alloys. Hotbar: Various improvements regarding changing weapons. Weapons: Shotgun set completed. Camera: The FOV is now automatically adjusted after changing the resolution. NPCs: Ragdoll optimized. UI: Loot log added. Camera: Aim Down Sights optimized. Items: Oven added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1018823828817014785). Code: Global decay of items added. Equipment: Mask added (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1011217394990280705). UI: The final UI prototype has been completed. (https://twitter.com/DeadMansCountry/status/1045654787503661057) Code: Headshot multiplier added. Camera: Short movements are now more fluidly. Chat: Spam protection added, but still needs some work for extreme cases. Network: Netcode optimization. Environment: Dust particles added. UI: Tutorial windows designed. Environment: Different biomes distributed on separate scenes. Studio: Stock of pizza & coffee increased. As in the last report, the list has no special arrangement and contains no bug fixes, the latter will be listed on a separate release/changelog page at the start of our Alpha.

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